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Viking Bags

Axwell Motorcycle Sissy Bar Bag

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 Joe Zimmerman

Anyone that’s read my articles knows I’m a stickler for details.  My interviews are in-depth and my content is usually very thorough as the details make the sum of anything and anyone.  When I was offered a chance to review Viking Bags Axwell Motorcycle Sissy Bar Bag I was initially reluctant simply due to time restraints.  But, needing a break from my motorcycle related interviews and book project, I decided to sneak the review in.  Not to mention, motorcycle bags are one of my favorite bike accessories due to my long-distant rides.  But, in choosing to review this bag I have to say I wasn’t very optimistic because I honestly have quite a few bags already and didn’t expect this one to be any different.  But, I’m actually pleased to report I was wrong.  And if you want to know why this bag stands out from the competition, I encourage you to keep reading.


Upon receiving Viking Bags Axwell Motorcycle Sissy Bar Bag, it’s worth noting that the bag arrived with everything you would expect from a professional and reputable company:  installation instructions that included the company’s customer service telephone number and support website address (Below).

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After opening the package, the bag itself was well-sealed in clear plastic wrap that kept the product fresh upon its handling.  The pleasant scent of the ballistic nylon (sturdy) 600 denier Cordura fabric is what you first notice when unwrapping the bag.


The Cordura fabric material looks to have a very strong level of high abrasive quality to it which should help with overall life span and resistances to abrasions and tears.  Although the material appears weather resistant and is promoted as being waterproof, Viking does generously include a rain-repellent cover for those storm-drenched days of riding (Below, Right).  While I currently live in Southern California where we don’t usually get much rain, when I do travel it’s nice to know that Viking included the rain cover, which tucks away nicely inside one of the mesh pockets.


Unlike some of my other motorcycle bags that I’ve received in the mail, this bag did not come flat, compressed, or crushed.  The bag held its shape during shipping and did so upon installation on the bike.  The thin ABS plastic panels reinforcing the body shell is extremely durable and definitely prevents any sagging.  So even if the bag is empty it will look good on your ride, maintaining its modern and stylish shape.  Along with the aesthetics of looking good and keeping its overall form, it can also be squeezed and pressed into itself with some pressure.  This is ideal for any rider’s safety.

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I am not a fan of hard-shell luggage cases.  I’m not enthusiastic about having a hard luggage case crush my leg in an accident.  Although I understand the benefits of having your luggage bolted to the frame of your bike and the security and weather proofing those hard cases can offer, I’ve seen and heard way too many incidents of riders breaking their legs because of hard panniers and even solid-top cases after a wreck.  With that in mind, this Viking bag gives you a semi-firm casing with the benefit of folding in just in case you take a spill and get pinned or crushed.  It’s also worth noting the exterior of the Viking bag does not have any loose or lengthy straps such as biker backpacks which normally go flapping around hazardously through the high winds when riding at faster speeds. 


Examining around the bag one quickly notices its modern appearance and all the functionality it offers as a medium size luggage bag.  Starting with a convenient durable rubber carry handle on the top (Below, Left), with additional handles on both sides (Below, Center), where you can find multiple D-rings for plenty of different mounting options (Below, Right), offering you different methods of attachment making it a universal mounting bag adaptable to a variety of motorcycles.

IMG_6412 (1).jpg
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As well as a devoted sissy bar strap, Viking included several adjustable straps that attach to extremely sturdy buckle clips which are cleverly concealed under well stitched added fabric along the front and rear of the semi-rigid casing, facilitating quick installation attachment and simple release functionality (Below). 

IMG_6419 (1).jpg
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The zippers seem durable and sturdy with little to no issue in zipping and unzipping the compartments.  The grips of the zippers do not feel cheap, metallic or flimsy.  They are larger than normal and feel very comfortable to use, offering a solid hold (Below).

IMG_6400 (1).jpg

The main compartment zippers are also smartly designed for padlocking your bag for added security (Below).

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Inside the main top-loading center flap compartment (which supposedly offers 671 cubic inches of storage) should maintain between 11 to 15 liters of volume space.  Also inside this compartment is where you will find Viking’s included straps for universal mounting, as well as a shoulder strap for converting it into a side duffle bag (Below, Right).

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As noted, the main storage area offers ample room and includes several internal pockets for organization:  two open side mesh pockets, one larger enclosed mesh pocket and two Velcro secure pockets.

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The unit also contains two exterior zipper pockets at both ends of the bag.  Although those end pockets are a might slender, they are perfect for actual hardcopy road maps, cellphones, iPads, backup batteries and so much more.  But note, an advantage to both of those side ends is that they can expand.  You can increase the length of the bag for more storage space with a pull of a zipper, adding 2 additional inches to both ends for an overall length increase of 4 additional inches, turning the bag’s complete length of 15 inches to nearly 20 inches, offering approximately 21 liters of room (Below).

IMG_6459 (1).jpg
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The width and height are approximately 10 inches by 9 inches.


This size bag is usually exactly what bikers need for anything from picking up takeout meals, to gym runs or hotel stays.  It’s perfect for overnight trips, weekend getaways or daily commutes to the office.  The bag can accommodate everything from small laptops, notebooks, camera equipment, tools, jackets and much more.  For my longer trips I’m using it in combination with other bags, that include my saddle bags, for my overflow of supplies which include: my laptop and charging cables, backup batteries, camera, gloves, glasses, water bottles, a rag, some tools and tape (Below).

IMG_6389 (1).jpg
IMG_6474 (1).jpg

For years now I have been a fan of travel bags, and my tours have had me go through a mixed amount of bags and luggage options.  I don’t have an endorsement agreement with any manufacturer as I prefer to use the best bag that fits my needs.  As I stated, I’m not a fan of hard panniers for safety reasons and so veering towards softer options has been my preference.  With Viking Bags Axwell Motorcycle Sissy Bar Bag, I’m kind of getting the best of both worlds, as the bag maintains its solid shape while also offering me that flexibility of safety. 


With so many luggage options to choose from these days, I would have to say the Axwell Motorcycle Sissy Bar Bag ranks among the top bags for the buck.  With its rugged reinforced frame construction, flexibility, elegant appearance, easy content accessibility, zipper security lock feature and variety of mounting options, this is in no way some standard flimsy bag.  On the contrary, its durable stitching, and deceivingly spacious main compartment with extra storage capability, along with the fact that Viking offers its customers a full refund of the purchase price within 30 days if customers are not satisfied, encourages me to recommend this bag not only to the biker community, but anyone who may simply be looking for a bugout bag or everyday duffle bag.


So, for anyone who’s in the market for a medium size quality luggage option with functionality and versatility, Viking Bags Axwell Motorcycle Sissy Bar Bag should more than meet your expectations.  With its prominent high quality insignia logo well displayed, Viking emblems today signify excellence from a company that takes pride in their workmanship and design, and I think you will too.

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Product Specs:

Mounting Straps Included

Material: Cordura

Dimensions: 17" x 10.25" x 9.25" (L x W x H)

Storage Capacity: 671 Cubic Inches

Lid Opening: 9" x 8.5"

Weight: 4 lbs



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