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Viking Bags

Axwell (Motorcycle) Sissy Bar Bag


Viking Bags Axwell (Motorcycle) Sissy Bar Bag.  Designed to keep its shape with or without cargo, this highly durable and waterproof multifunctional biker’s bag is made of cordura material.  Its extreme durability and reinforcement will supposedly prevent any sagging, and its 671 cubic inch storage space seems to offer just enough ample room to make this accessory bag worth serious consideration for almost any rider.  With universal mounting capabilities and fully adjustable straps, this will be an interesting product review as one of my key interests in biker accessories are cargo bags.

Keep an eye out for a full review soon.  

For those of you who want more information about this product before the full review, you can get a sneak peek at Viking Bags website at:

Or by going directly to the product page at: 


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Featured Product Full Review Coming Soon -

Viking Bags Axwell (Motorcycle) Sissy Bar Bag

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