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DAMFINO ROADS is a one stop location to find and read my published magazine articles, and “personal” tribute stories of some special people related to motorcycles and Entertainment.  As well, you can discover tidbits of safety, and biker travel information to boot.  This site was created to help, educate, and share ideas for riders interested in, and enjoy, riding on the open roads and honor those that influenced the riding community.  Whether you ride a Suzuki dirt-bike, Harley cruiser, or simply enjoy watching biker movies, we are all a community of bikers in general, and should support each-other.  So, anyone who shares a passion for this incredible sport will most likely find something of interest here.


TWO ON THE ROAD: Solo Cross-Country

For those bikers interested in adventure riding, or simply traveling long distances alone on their motorcycles, the following article I wrote regarding my first cross-country trek might be of interest to you:


SAFETY: A Stuntman's Perspective

As a biker, you are most likely wearing protective riding equipment (like a stuntman) when you're on the road.  Here's a published article I wrote regarding thinking like a stuntman while utilizing your protective gear for your safety:



The one and only "William Smith", who epitomized the rebel biker on film, is showcased in this magazine article I wrote.  My featured story is a tribute to this true legendary biker:



Actor "Michael Cole" literally rode to stardom on motorcycles with his hit television series, The Mod Squad.  This article I wrote from a telephone conversation we had in May 2020 sheds light into the man, the series, his life with bikes, and the impact he made on audiences around the world.

(Michael Cole:  "A Rider Who Made A Difference")   



Riding Adventures Coast to Coast.

Welcome to "DAMFINO ROADS".  Whether you're riding to "The King's Castle" in Memphis, TN, his stomping grounds in "Viva Las Vegas", or enjoy watching him ride his red 1963 Honda 305 Superhawk in his film Roustabout, DAMFINO ROADS is a place to read my motorcycle articles related to interviews, tidbits of safety, and biker travel information and anything else that comes into my mind.  This site is to help, educate and share ideas for anyone interested in, and enjoys, riding and anything related to motorcycles and Entertainment.

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Raised in New York, Zimmerman’s direction was clear since high school, where he won several scholarship awards for his independent short video projects.  After graduating from New York Institute of Technology (June 1986) with a BA in Communications, he decided to direct his educational skills and knowledge towards his interests and eventually entered the film industry. 


In 1988 he ventured onto the Hollywood studio back-lot.  Although he had no desire to be a performer, because of his physical features and skills (which included martial arts), he acquired a Screen Actors Guild Union Card and was cast in many projects to do “Photo and Stunt-double work” in such major film productions as “Jurassic Park” and hit television shows like the episodic Motorcycle drama, “Sons of Anarchy”.  Zimmerman has been featured in such industry publications as "Variety”, “MovieMaker”, “Advertising Age”, and “American Cinematographer” for his appearance on commercial projects which include a two year run (1991-93) on the Eveready Battery (Energizer Bunny) Commercial entitled “H.I.P.S” – voted by Advertising Age as one of the Top 10 best-recalled ads in 1991 with female police officers on Motorcycles.


Zimmerman eventually carved his way into the production aspect of the industry, applying his (credited and uncredited) services on countless independent feature films in all aspects of production, from: Production Assistant and Assistant Directing to Writer, Director, Editor and Stunt-Coordinator, and has had the opportunity to work directly & indirectly with some of Hollywood’s most notable performers and directors such as Steven Spielberg, Tony Scott, John Landis and Blake Edwards.


As a practitioner in the martial arts since childhood, he exercised his abilities as a stunt performer in many projects and has stunt-doubled such leading actors as Jimmy Smits and Jeff Goldblum.  His responsibilities have included working with actors such as Viggo Mortensen, Armand Assante, John Saxon, David Carradine and Loni Anderson, to name a few.  Along with the above credits, Zimmerman has authored 4 screenplays, of which "CROSSFIRE,” a 1998 independent action adventure feature film starring Andrew Divoff, included his passion for Motorcycles when he worked out a product placement deal to introduce and feature a beautiful 1997 Suzuki RM125 dirtbike.


A recipient of many awards and achievements in his field… Now, after 30 very long and active years in the business, a middled-aged and graying Zimmerman occasionally freelances as a writer and has been published in such publications as “MovieMaker Magazine”, “The Truth About Guns”, "American Motorcyclist", and Ultimate Motorcycling”, among others.  During his spare time he can be found training for the last 18 years in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at the Jean Jacques Machado Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy in Tarzana, CA, or riding his Motorcycle coast to coast... And what roads will you find him on? ... "DAM-F-I-NO"

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